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Complex elements
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Services and Quality

Professionalism, research, customization and security of a profitable and transparent collaboration.


Our machines are expressly conceived for the blow moulding of various materials such as: PEHD, PEHD (HMW), PELD, PP, PPGF, PBT + TEE, PA6GF, EVA, PMMA.


The research is our flagship process we are able to grant hight-quality products, which will meet your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers. Last but not least the customization: our ability to realize customer-driven products, adding fire retardant, anti UV filters, antibacterical additives, and all the colors you prefer. No end possibility of personalization.


Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. This is the recipe for our succes. Through a constant collaboration and comparison it is possibile to reach the excellence. Togher.

The Group operates with 25 blow-molding machines equipped with gravimetric feeder and wich are able to produce articles with a net weight from 15 gr. to 12 Kg.


n° 2, lt 05 gross weight per item 0,5 kg.
n° 11, lt 20 gross weight per item 2,7 kg.
n° 2, lt 30 gross weight per item 4 kg.
n° 2, lt 50 gross weight per item 4 kg.
n° 2, lt 60 gross weight per item 4,8 kg.
n° 3, lt 80 gross weight per item 6,4 kg.
n° 1, lt 100 gross weight per item 8 kg.
n° 2, lt 250 gross weight per item 16 kg.